apical meristemsの例文


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  1. In wheat ( " Thinopyrum " ), perenniality is associated with production of a secondary set of tillers ( stems arising from the crown's apical meristem ) following the reproductive phase.
  2. Specifically, arrival of FT at the shoot apical meristem and formation of the FT / FD heterodimer is followed by the increased expression of at least one direct target gene, APETALA 1 ( AP1 ),
  3. Further work on this system has shown that the formation of flowers is triggered by PIN1-mediated local accumulations of auxin on the surface of the shoot apical meristem in the so-called L1 cell layer.
  4. In " Arabidopsis thaliana ", 3 interacting " CLAVATA " genes are required to regulate the size of the stem cell reservoir in the shoot apical meristem by controlling the rate of cell division.
  5. In botany, "'sympodial "'growth is a specialized lateral growth pattern in which the apical meristem is terminated and growth is continued by one of more lateral meristems, which repeat the process.


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