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  1. Like armchair travelers, viewers of the TV Food Network are often looking for vicarious couch-potato thrills _ entertainment rather than the practical recipes they can get for a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
  2. For an armchair traveler, Danticat covers a land often reviled much like the growling Jacemelian Carnival character known as the chaloska, who, in military garb, growls and cracks his whip and chases children.
  3. Please note : There are numerous possible gifts for armchair travelers, such as videos, CD-ROM software, globes and books, but the majority of the items here are meant to accompany a traveler.
  4. While the World Wide Web has its drawbacks _ it can still be agonizingly slow for an eager armchair traveler waiting for a colorful site to load _ it sure is a handy tool for planning a holiday.
  5. Armchair travel agents will become as common as armchair travelers if travel companies and on-line computer services like America Online, Compuserve, Prodigy and the up-and-coming network from Microsoft have their way.


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