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  1. They were in Kuala Lumpur recently for a promotional visit which included a showcase at The Jump nightspot with two other foreign artistes, Diana King and Jimmy Ray from Sony Music.
  2. She enthralled a full-house crowd at The Jump with exhilarating renditions of her hits, including Shy Guy, L-L-Lies and I Say A Little Prayer.
  3. US premiere at the Jump N'Funk, Coral Room, New York, 28 May 2004, and UK premiere at the Spitz Gallery, London, 4 October 2004.
  4. In 1942 a landslide took out about of coastal land and downed a number of houses at the Jump-off Joe site; other homes in the area were undermined by subsequent erosion.
  5. At the Jump-A-Thon, Jamie learns that Angeline, despite all the sponsors she's received for the Jump-A-Thon, cannot do jump-rope.


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