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  1. When using an accumulator with the second, cyclic table above, then at the jump after 18 full moon cycles, first correct the accumulator by "'subtracting 8 " '.
  2. Analysts acknowledged surprise at the jump in benefits costs, which the department attributed to " a reversal in the trend of declining increases " in the cost of health insurance and bonus payments.
  3. A short animated adaptation of Naho Lishi's Bardock spinoff manga, " Dragon Ball : Episode of Bardock ", was shown on December 17 18, 2011 at the Jump Festa 2012 event.
  4. Early reports indicated the jump had left " measurable traces " on seismometers at the jump sites, organizers said, while the British Geological Survey was investigating a " small trace " in Cornwall.
  5. As Swift Moves, they beat KI ( the crew Marlon Wallen from Flawless was with ) in 2005 during KI's second run to seven wins at The Jump Off where Swift Moves battled a total of four times.


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