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  1. During the series he performed a strip-tease on stage with the Dreamboys, took part in a Mexican wrestling match at Lucha Britannia and even took part in and won a rap battle at the Jump Off at Scala.
  2. Though the action kicks in at the jump, it takes a little time for the full story to settle in and once it does, it does an excellent job of holding your attention with a nice balance of story with savage eatery.
  3. The local Isle of Man competitor Gary Carswell and the former winner of the Senior 1997 Manx Grand Prix crashed heavily at the jump at the exit of Ballacrye Corner and was evacuated to Nobles Hospital on lap 3 with foot, rib and knee injuries and a series of minor fractures.
  4. In particular, conditional jumps generate overlapping LCSAJs : one which runs thorough the test when the condition evaluates to false and another that ends at the jump when the condition evaluates to true . ( The example given further below in this article illustrates such an occurrence . ) Thus every basic block is an LCSAJs, but an LCSAJs may consist of more than one basic block.
  5. No doubt, the song's inclusion on the Burger King commercials promoting the Rugrats toys being offered by the fast-food giant is helping the song gain exposure . [ . . . ] Just look at the jump'Take Me There'took after'The Rugrats Movie'opened .'Take Me There'was shipped to radio the first week in October but didn't really affect the charts until the film took off . " It also helped the soundtrack stay at # 20 on the Billboard 200 chart for five weeks.


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