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  1. Generations of Filipino artists and audiences consider Atang de la Rama's vocal and acting talents as responsible for much of the success of original Filipino sarsuelas like " Dalagang Bukid ", and dramas like " Veronidia ".
  2. During its theatrical run, leading actress Atang de la Rama had to sing " Nabasag ang Banga " ( a song which is a part of the film ) for every screening of the film in Manila, along with three others playing a violin, a cornet, and a piano
  3. During the American occupation of the Philippines, Atang de la Rama fought for the dominance of the " kundiman ", an important Philippine folk song, and the " sarsuela ", which is a musical play that focused on contemporary Filipino issues such as usury, cockfighting, and colonial mentality.
  4. On May 8, 1987, " for her sincere devotion to original Filipino theater and music, her outstanding artistry as singer, and as sarsuela actress-playwright-producer, her tireless efforts to bring her art to all sectors of Filipino society and to the world, " President Corazon C . Aquino proclaimed Atang de la Rama a National Artist of the Philippines for Theater and Music.


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