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  1. He directed excavations at Stonehenge 1979-80, and co-directed the excavation there of one of the Aubrey Holes in 2008.
  2. An early attempt to analyse the positions of the Aubrey holes was undertaken by Gerald Hawkins a professor of astronomy at Boston University in the 1960s using an IBM 7090 computer.
  3. In August 2008, further excavation of Aubrey Hole 7 by Mike Parker-Pearson, Mike Pitts and Julian Richards led the archaeologists to suggest that the 56 holes held Welsh bluestones.
  4. Hawley identified the Aubrey Holes for the first time, as well as the Y and Z Holes and a variety of other postholes and stone holes within the centre of the monument.
  5. This diminishes the astronomical significance of the number of the Aubrey Holes and their circular arrangement and tends to suggest that any astronomical purpose for the site may have been no more than symbolic.


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