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  1. Only O'Neal's big finish ensured that the first step toward this team and town's dream destination _ Baq to the Top _ was firm and forward.
  2. __ Shaq is baq : After sitting out the weekend with an abdominal strain, Shaquille O'Neal was back in practice Monday afternoon, which was a welcome sight to everyone.
  3. The campaign is led by opposition parties, who launched a campaign of protest in Baq'a camp, the constituency of Sheikh Ra'fat, and in the first district of Hamadeh Faraneh.
  4. A cesium magnetometer survey in 1978 in the Baq'ah Valley of Jordan, a Penn Museum project under the direction of McGovern, located one of the largest early Iron Age burial caves ever found in the southern Levant.
  5. The triangles RAC and BAQ are congruent because the second is a 60?rotation of the first about A . Hence " ARF = " ABF and " AQF = " ACF . By converse of angle in the same segment, ARBF and AFCQ are both concyclic.


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