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  1. "This is the hard-core group, but they're having an influence on those who might not identify as being part of the barebacking phenomenon,"
  2. But nothing is creating quite the stir as the lastest issue of POZ, a glossy monthly magazine brimming with ads for AIDS drugs, featuring a sympathetic portrayal of the barebacking phenomenon.
  3. The subculture of barebacking is explored in depth in a second POZ article " A Ride on the Wild Side, " by San Francisco free-lance journalist Michael Scarce.
  4. While the story describes the plight of Valenzuela as an outcast in the San Diego gay community for publicly advocating barebacking, the photos and graphic images portray a glamorous, sexy new icon.
  5. IML established ( July 2009 ) the policy that IML Leather Market participation would exclude " any entity which promotes barebacking or distributes / sells any merchandise tending to promote or advocate barebacking ."


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