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  1. For years, AIDS experts have been concerned about the growth of a practice known as " barebacking, " where condoms are abandoned, usually based on assumptions that partners are both HIV positive or both negative.
  2. The numbers are not a surprise to public health officials, who had already noted several early warning signs, including the emergence of so-called " barebacking " parties where men gathered to engage in unprotected sex.
  3. Edgeplay may involve the consequences of potential short or long term harm or death, exemplified by activities such as breathplay ( erotic asphyxiation ), fire play, knife play and gunplay, as well as the potential increased risk of disease barebacking.
  4. The barebacking phenomenon is occurring with increasing frequency through connections made on gay Web sites and chat rooms, gym steam rooms, commercial sex clubs and bars, said Keith Folger, who heads the Prevention for Positives program at the Stop AIDS Project.
  5. The study by researchers at the CDC and San Francisco's Department of Public Health is the first serious analysis of the practice of " barebacking, " in which gay or bisexual men intentionally engage in sex without a condom with someone other than their primary partner.


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