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  1. While both the international leisure travel industry ( particularly outdoor activities based vacations ) and the boating industry have boomed in the last decade, so too has the bareboat charter industry which incorporates both of these pursuits.
  2. The United States Army took control of her at Newport News in September 1917 for World War I service under a bareboat charter from her owner, A . H . Bull Steamship Company of New York City.
  3. In April 1942, the Maritime Commission took control of SS " Agwileon " under a bareboat charter and used her to transport civilian technicians and advisors to Freetown, Sierra Leone, for the U . S . Army.
  4. In general only ships owned, under long term bareboat charter or allocation to the Army, first through the Transportation Corps, were formally designated as a U . S . Army Transport ( U . S . A . T .)
  5. At the time of the sinking, " Bulgaria " was owned by Kamskoye Rechnoye Parokhodstvo, which leased the ship to OOO Briz, which in turn subleased it to OOO Argorechtur, which operated it, according to media reports, on a bareboat charter.


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