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  1. The Admiralty were unwilling to sell, but after negotiations agreed to let the ASN have the use of three vessels on bareboat charter at a rate of ?3 6s 8d per day.
  2. Close to those were the ships that were bareboat chartered by the Army, meaning that only the hull itself was chartered and Army was responsible for crewing and all other operational aspects.
  3. A "'shipowner "'is the owner of a merchant vessel ( commercial ship ) and is involved in the outsourced or relayed onto the shipper through bareboat charter.
  4. In 1947 she was converted to a passenger and cargo ship, and under a bareboat charter served with " Haugesund Dampskibsselskab " on the regular service between Haugesund and Bergen.
  5. Redesigned for passenger service long before, she was launched on 23 June 1946 as " President Cleveland ", completed in 1947, and bareboat chartered to American President Lines.


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