barren groundsの例文


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  1. Barren Grounds Nature Reserve is adjacent to the eastern border of the park; Yarrawa State Forest is not far from the park's western border.
  2. "' Spadina Station "'features a tilework mural with approximately 10, 000 circular tiles and another mural called " Barren Ground Caribou " by Joyce Wieland.
  3. But Clinton's home state, which wound up in the Democratic column in the past two elections, was looking like barren ground for Gore Tuesday night.
  4. Now, as first light paled the eastern sky, the Marines were hacking foxholes into the barren ground, sweat streaking the sand plastered to their faces.
  5. Strong headwinds blew along the trail at the Yukon River and the Bering Sea coast, and the icy barren ground injured dogs in other teams.


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