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  1. Dallas Cowboys representative John Hickman roamed the hard, barren ground outside the Travis County Exposition Center, trying to picture the NFL team holding training camp there on green, plush grass.
  2. An explorer at the beginning of the 20th century describes it as a square fort on " absolutely barren ground " built as a place to provide Haj pilgrims with water.
  3. Fenced out of Pakistan by a roll of rusty barbed wire, hundreds of Afghan refugees crouched on the barren ground, unprotected against a scorching desert sun, staring bleakly ahead of them.
  4. He passed through Aberafan, which he describes as a " poor village " surrounded by barren ground, though he also describes the area as heavily wooded, not much of which remains today.
  5. Other nature reserves in the area include the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, and the Cambewarra Range, Barrengarry and Rodway nature reservesthe latter three part of the Kangaroo Valley Group of Nature Reserves.


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