beneficial bacteriaの例文


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  1. They have discovered, that plants using a sophisticated surveillance and response system, can distinguish between harmful and beneficial bacteria and mimic their chemical communication signals in an attempt to thwart their offensives.
  2. Ritter's pioneering scientific team developed this compound based on the philosophy of microbiome modulation and the ability to improve colon function by selectively increasing the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colonic ecosystem.
  3. Preempt, developed by Agriculture Department scientists and MS BioScience, a division of Milk Specialities Co . of Dundee, Ill ., involves spraying newly hatched chicks with a solution that contains 29 beneficial bacteria.
  4. I'm curious if there have ever been any studies conducted wherein healthy people take deliberately incomplete antibiotic doses, to kill off " some " of the beneficial bacteria, leaving the remainder to breed stronger.
  5. There is an equally detrimental effect on beneficial bacteria, so it is not at all advisable to use sawdust within home aquariums, as was once done by hobbyists seeking to save some expense on activated charcoal.


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