beneficial bacteriaの例文


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  1. The trust also endorses a technique called competitive exclusion, which introduces strains of beneficial bacteria in day-old and 2-day-old chicks, which prevents salmonella from taking hold.
  2. Due to its antimicrobial properties ( antibacterial ), when encountered in the soil it can kill beneficial bacteria that are important to keep the soil healthy.
  3. Over the years, Fleisher and his crew have built it up with compost made on the spot and organic fertilizers teeming with beneficial bacteria and fungi.
  4. "The beneficial bacteria take up strategic positions in the intestine and exclude salmonella by out-competing its attempt to do the same thing, " said microbiologist Norman Stern.
  5. It is found to kill a wide spectrum of bacteria, and the researchers are also concerned about the effect it has on the beneficial bacteria in soil.


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