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  1. In considering the eligibility of these countries for CBTPA Beneficiary Country status, the CBTPA required the President to take into account the existing eligibility criteria of the CBERA, as well as several new criteria elaborated in the CBTPA . These new criteria include:
  2. The EU's executive commission put out a statement Friday backing the U . S . position that the food was safe, while adding that it was " up to beneficiary countries to make an informed decision on whether to accept " the biotech food.
  3. The United States has signed a bilateral trade agreement with Azerbaijan, granting it the status of a " most favored nation ", in 1995; and a bilateral investment treaty with Azerbaijan, naming it a beneficiary country under the Generalized System of Preferences ( GSP ) program, in 2008.
  4. To implement its training and advice actions, the DCSD has about 350 cooperation volunteers ( military, gendarmes, police and firefighters ) posted to the French embassies'defense attached or Homeland Security in 56 beneficiary countries, or line item within major sub-regional organizations ( ECCAS, ECOWAS, EASFCOM, IOC . . . ).
  5. The Presidential Proclamation declares the 24 current beneficiary countries of the Caribbean Basin Initiative ( CBI ) to be " Beneficiary Countries " for purposes of the enhanced trade preferences made available under the CBTPA . In addition, the Proclamation modifies the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to reflect the new trade preferences.


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