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  1. The traditional conception for technical cooperation implied that an external team financed by external donors would help the beneficiary country to start a specific activity, and once the local team mastered the techniques and was able to obtain an income from the supported activity, the technical assistance came to an end.
  2. The Presidential Proclamation declares the 24 current beneficiary countries of the Caribbean Basin Initiative ( CBI ) to be " Beneficiary Countries " for purposes of the enhanced trade preferences made available under the CBTPA . In addition, the Proclamation modifies the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to reflect the new trade preferences.
  3.  " electoral assistance has to take stock of all the steps of the electoral cycle and that inter-election periods are as crucial as the build up to the elections themselves, thus requiring regular inter-institutional contact and support activities before, during and after election periods, for the sake of lessons learned and inter-institutional memory aiming at improved electoral processes in beneficiary countries " .


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