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  1. Few refineries make the so-called Phoenix Blend gasoline that stations in the Phoenix area are required to sell, which severely limits their ability to find additional supplies to offset the current shortfall.
  2. Thanks to groundbreaking technology that blends gasoline engines with batteries and electric motors, both Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius ( Latin for " to go before " ) are more capable and less needy than you might imagine.
  3. Responding to Wyden's allegations, Exxon Mobil noted that the California Supreme Court on Thursday, in a 7-0 ruling, rejected charges that major oil companies had attempted to drive smaller refiners out of business or manipulated supplies of the special California-blend gasoline.
  4. But gasoline futures lost nearly 6 percent Wednesday and Thursday after the Environmental Protection Agency allowed Citgo Petroleum Corp ., a key Midwest refiner, to sell winter-blend gasoline in the region two weeks earlier than usual and producers began shipping product from other parts of the country to the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.


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