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  1. Two months after being banned from the company, 2 Tuff Tony was reinstated under the condition that he start at the bottom, receive no title matches for several months, and cannot compete at any " Bloodymania " events.
  2. The two new faces of JCW made a successful team, which earned them a spot in the 8 Team Tag-Team Elimination match for the "'JCW Tag Team Championship "'at " Bloodymania ".
  3. After the main event, special guest referee Nosawa ripped off his referee shirt to reveal that he, too, was a member of the JWO . At " Bloodymania II ", Hall teamed with Kevin Nash, who proclaimed himself a member of the group.
  4. The team reunited however at " East Side Wars ", and in the following weeks the duo earned themselves a spot in the 8 Team Tag-Team Elimination Match for the "'JCW Tag Team Championship "'at " Bloodymania ".
  5. Due to The Weedman's storyline illegal use of smoking and selling marijuana, U . S . Marshal Adam Pearce was brought in by Cabana the following week, and the team was placed in a tag team match against 2 Tuff Tony and a mystery partner at Bloodymania 5.


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