boar taintの例文


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  1. In domestic pigs the taint, called boar taint, is caused by androstenone and skatole concentrations stored in the fat tissues of the animal after sexual maturity.
  2. Selecting pigs for breeding that do not have taint and managing on pasture virtually eliminate any chance of boar taint and have been successfully used at many farms.
  3. The farm does not use castration to control boar taint, relying on other methods such as selective breeding, diet, and pasturing males away from females.
  4. This is because the two natural substances that cause boar taint  androstenone and skatole  only start to accumulate in the fat of male pigs when they sexually mature.
  5. Vaccination against boar taint, which has been used in Australia and New Zealand since 1998, is a solution that uses the pig's immune system to control boar taint.


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