boar taintの例文


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  1. Vaccination against boar taint, which has been used in Australia and New Zealand since 1998, is a solution that uses the pig's immune system to control boar taint.
  2. Another possible method to control boar taint is to select the sex of the piglet before birth in an attempt to breed only female pigs, using sorting based on sex chromosome and artificial insemination.
  3. Another example of distortion or lies by Bruceki where he claims that we never had any boar taint in our herds so he argues ( SYNTH ) that we aren't really doing tests.
  4. By stimulating production of antibodies specific to GnRH, the vaccine stops the chain of events that lead to the release of testosterone and other steroids from the testes, including androstenone, one of the two causes of boar taint.
  5. The vaccine is claimed to offer an animal-friendly and a more environmentally sustainable solution to boar taint, it and to allow stakeholders across the pork production chain to reap the performance benefits of natural boar growth while preserving eating quality.


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