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  1. Others have been so consumed with other things-- finding a place to live, picking up the pieces of their businesses-- that they're not sure when they will board a vessel again.
  2. Through the LHWCA, therefore, Congress " explicitly den ( ied ) a right of recovery under the Jones Act to maritime workers not members of a crew who are injured on board a vessel ."
  3. In the Singapore case " Re Fong Thin Choo " ( 1991 ), a company had removed a large quantity of cigarettes from a warehouse, ostensibly for loading on board a vessel to be exported.
  4. A maritime worker who spends only a small fraction of his working time on board a vessel is fundamentally land-based and therefore not a member of the vessel's crew, regardless of what his duties are.
  5. The EU Parliament's fisheries committee supported the EC's proposal to ban the separate landing of shark bodies and fins, however, the committee approved an amendment which allows fins to be removed on board a vessel.


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