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  1. In April 1967 Glass and Pugh formed a soul music group, Cam-Pact, with Mark Barnes on bass guitar, Bob Lloyd ( aka Bob Tregilgas ) on drums, and Chris Stockley on guitar.
  2. Bob Lloyd, the FAA's principal operations inspector at Alaska in the early 1990s, said the airline reacted differently to FAA inspectors than did Pan American or People's Express, which he had previously regulated.
  3. As a sophomore in 1967 he teamed with fellow Rutgers Hall of Famers Bob Lloyd and Jim Valvano to lead the team to a 22-7 record and the first-ever post-season appearance in Rutgers'basketball history.
  4. In Los Angeles, the going rate for voice actors is $ 350 a session, according to Bob Lloyd, owner of the Voicecaster, a casting concern in Burbank, Calif . TV sessions are $ 359.95 under Aftra scale but go as high as $ 707.40 in New York, with spots made for network television paying extra each time they are broadcast.


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