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  1. Two of the five applicants to the Federal Communications Commission for the new Channel 5 were newspapers : The Boston Herald Traveler, whose publisher was Robert B . Choate, and The Boston Post, which was owned by John Fox, who had bought it in 1952 from the estate of Richard Grozier of Cambridge.
  2. In 1972, it merged with the " Boston Herald Traveler " ( no hyphen ) to become the " Boston Herald-Traveler and Record American ", a broadsheet that eventually was renamed the " Boston Herald-American " and is now the " Boston Herald ".
  3. Shortly after that he moved to radio broadcasting, starting in September 1960 at WBZ, and WRKO, also writing a column for the " Boston Herald Traveler " from 1964 to 1969 . He was one of the first radio broadcasters to be suspended, in 1968, for uttering a profanity on the air.
  4. Kerry's parents had lived in the 5th District during his years at Yale and in Vietnam, but his sudden switch left him open to charges of opportunism, which have dogged him ever since . " If he doesn't stop house-hunting soon, " The Boston Herald Traveler wrote, " he'll not only need a campaign manager but a full-time real estate agent ."


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