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  1. And a reclining, age-blackened 1, 000-year-old Egyptian lady with red hair prompted Ron Sampson, fellow Boston traveler, to remark, " Her stylist pre-dated Clairol by centuries.
  2. As early as 1842, the Western Railroad of Massachusetts was reported in the June 15 edition of the " Boston Traveler " to be experimenting with innovative freight car designs capable of carrying all types of perishable goods without spoilage.
  3. Boston remains one of the most congested metropolitan areas in the US . The complex and still-changing road network, with many one-way streets and time-based traffic restrictions, has led many Boston travelers to consider an up-to-date GPS navigation map system a necessity.
  4. By July 1927, the station had become known as WBIS . Meanwhile, by April 1926, John Shepard III began providing Boston's baseball fans with regular broadcasts of home games : " Boston Traveler " sportswriter Gus Rooney aired the play-by-play of a Boston Red Sox game, and subsequently announced a Boston Braves home game.
  5. By then, navigation systems will be bundled with components, such as wireless telephones, multimedia systems and the Internet _ a combination that will enable Boston travelers driving in Chicago to hear the Red Sox or Celtics radio broadcasts, and at the same time give a voice command to get directions to, say, McCormick Place, the city's giant exposition hall.


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