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  1. In 1917 deHaas became national executive director of the newly organized Zionist Organization of America at the invitation of Louis D . Brandeis, who had just become president of the ZOA, and ownership of " The Jewish Advocate " passed to Alexander Brin, who, as a national reporter for the former " Boston Traveler " daily newspaper, had become well-known through his coverage of the Leo Frank case in Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. Nackey S . Loeb, the former publisher of The Union Leader, died, as did the Patriot Ledger's Ed Querzoli, the Lowell Sun's Martin Meehan, Mary Tierney of the old Boston Traveler, the Herald's Jack McCarthy and Emmanuel Melo; Jim Pansullo of all-news WEEI; Marty Sender of WBZ's " Evening Magazine "; Leo Egan, " the Voice of Sports " on WHDH; and George Ryan, the gentleman's voice of The Pilot.


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