bottle outの例文


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  1. And if you go back to 1946 when the Sox were whopping favorites over the Cardinals, you might stop yourself before taking the champagne bottle out of the ice bucket.
  2. But Albert took a drink now and then and he laughed off complaints from the town's more sober citizens, continuing to pass bottles out the back door to Ben.
  3. Though Julia told him to through the filthy bottle out, J . J . kept it but had no way to get the message out ( without breaking the bottle ).
  4. Under threat of arrest for destroying evidence Carstairs tells Ghote that he dropped the bottle out of shock, having realised that the only key for the dispensary is in his charge.
  5. All I know is that I've been hauling old newspapers and empty beer bottles out to the curb for two weeks now and I have yet to see the following headline:


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