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  1. Linn resided in Boston, Massachusetts before eventually moving New Orleans and then travelling to Texas as a member of Capt . Thomas H . Breece's company of the New Orleans Greys.
  2. It is the publication, after a delay of more than 50 years, of the story of Hannah Breece, who spent the years between 1904 and 1918 teaching school in various parts of Alaska.
  3. Breece animatedly re-enacted a scene from " Forrest Gump " in which Forrest finds himself at an antiwar protest at the Lincoln Memorial and is reunited with his great love, Jenny.
  4. The van was registered in Greenville, Tenn ., and belonged to the driver, Guadalupe Gonzales, who went by several identities, each with a different date of birth and address, Breece said.
  5. Miss Breece, a rugged educational pioneer from Pennsylvania, had taught Indian children in the Western States and was already 45 when she arrived at her first Alaskan post in a village called Afognak in the Kodiak archipelago.


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