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  1. Even after guns developed to adopt breech loading , a ramrod was kept with certain guns , such as those for military use , for maintenance purposes .
  2. It is generally worn with a matching pair of breeches today , but it had consisted only of a long joi (jacket ) covering the wearer ' s knees until around 1965 .
  3. Major utilities aren't , they are run in closed circuits ... you can breech the security up to a certain point , but ... to shut it down you would have to physically go there ...
    主な公共施設は、 ネットワークから独立してる... もし、セキュリティを破って、 その中に侵入し... システムを停止させるなら、 そこまで行かなきゃならない...
  4. According to the explanation given in the " jokyu ki " (chronicle of the jokyu era ) and other ancient sources , this resulted from the curse of " getting too big for one ' s breeches " (the idea that if someone rose to an official post beyond what was appropriate for them , disaster would occur ); when the retired emperor gotoba heard of sanetomo ' s death , he was inordinately pleased .
  5. An ancient gun mainly refers to a muzzle loader , but a large number of several kinds of guns were imported , such as an early breech loader , spencer carbine which was the main force gun of the saga clan (later it became the original form of winchester rifle ), chassepot rifle which was the main force gun in the franco-prussian war (later it became the basis for the development of the murata-style gun ), dreyse needle-gun (zundnadel gun ) and so on .


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