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  1. Tucked between the giant skyscrapers and backstreets of hong kong you ll find hollywood road , home to antique and curio shops that sell antiques from the finest chinese artefacts and furniture to curious little bits of bric - a - brac
  2. And besides , it did not seem reasonable that he should be right - he who had stood , so short a time before , in that same living room , blushing and awkward , acknowledging his introduction , looking fearfully about him at the bric - a - brac his swinging shoulders threatened to break , asking how long since swinburne died , and boastfully announcing that he had read " excelsior " and the " psalm of life .
  3. The rooms were too big for her and had never been completely furnished . the vulgar sumptuosity of gilded consoles and gilded chairs formed a crude contrast therein to the bric - a - brac of a secondhand furniture shop - to mahogany round tables , that is to say , and zinc candelabras , which sought to imitate florentine bronze


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