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  1. The work of up-and-coming milliners such as Noel Stewart and Nasir Mazhar was featured alongside hats by Philip Treacy, Mitza Bricard for Dior, Claude Saint-Cyr for Norman Hartnell and Vladzio d'Attainville for Crist骲al Balenciaga.
  2. His students also included Yvonne Loriod, C閏ile Ousset, Thea Musgrave, John Carmichael, M韈閍l O'Rourke, Jean-Marc Luisada, Pierre H閠u, Kathryn Stott, Melvyn Tan, Nancy Bricard, Avi Sch鰊feld, Beryl Sedivka, Andree Juliette Brun, Grant Foster, Anna-Marie Globenski, Eric Heidsieck, Jacqueline Cole, and Sally Sargent.
  3. Legend has it that fragrance " Miss Dior " was named after her because she suddenly went into the room when its designer, her brother Christian Dior, was thinking of names for it, and Christian's colleague and muse Mitzah Bricard said, " Ah, here's Miss Dior ! " The fragrance was launched in 1947.


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