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  1. Since maizuru is the town with the most brick buildings of prewar days remaining in japan , some of the warehouses are lit up at night , it creates a fantastic , romantic spectacle .
  2. A great deal of damage was caused to brick buildings during the nobi earthquake and the great kanto earthquake , which led to the development of quake-resistant technologies which are unique to japan .
  3. The building is a renovated arsenal torpedo warehouse previously owned by the imperial japanese navy; it was originally completed in 1903 and is one of the oldest existing brick buildings having a steel structure in japan .
  4. Most of the buildings of doshisha were made of bricks , but the first building was made of wood , the first brick building was shoeikan (the oldest brick building existing in kyoto ) which was completed in 1884 that was donated from the american board .
  5. The museum exhibits a wide variety of bricks that were used in historical buildings around the world , introduces world famous brick buildings , and demonstrates the history and brick manufacturing methods in a theater which uses a brick kiln to reproduce the various kinds of bricks used within them .


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