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  1. "' Wuxi Big Bridge Experimental High School "'( Wuxi Big Bridge Academy ) ( Chinese : 鄀 ! ? ^'Yeh?[ 寶-Nf [ pinyinw?x +  d?qi醥 sh?y鄋 zhMng xu?), founded in 1993, is a private high school located in the downtown historical Xueqianjie neighborhood of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.
  2. In addition, there are several college-bound initiatives which he promotes : the " Promise Program, " where the university goes into middle and high schools and works with students to complete their academic requirements and gain admittance to the university; the " Summer Bridge Academy, " which works with students who have academic deficiencies in their core courses; " Super Saturday, " a day-long college fair for middle and high school students, parents, families and friends to learn about colleges, majors, programs and available resources; and " Super Sunday, " another outreach program where the university goes into churches to bring the college fair experience directly to students and their families there.


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