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  1. "' March 2007 "': FreeMove and Bridge Alliance announce that the two alliances have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to pave the way for establishing an alliance-to-alliance cooperation across their combined global footprint.
  2. The "'Bridge Alliance "'( originally the "'Bridge Mobile Alliance "') is a business alliance of 35 major mobile telecommunications companies in Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.
  3. At the Files for deletion page ( Wikipedia : Files for deletion / 2012 October 2 ), the reason stated is this : This image doesn't only contain the logo for Bridge Alliance, but also the logos for many other companies.
  4. The competition is principally sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Institute of Steel Construction with additional sponsorship by the American Iron and Steel Institute, the National Steel Bridge Alliance, Nucor Corporation, and The James F . Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation.
  5. In September 1998 Inktomi acquired C2B Technologies, adding a shopping engine technology to its portfolio; In April 1999 Inktomi acquired Impulse Buy Network, adding 400 merchants to its shopping engine and performance based business shopping model; in November 1999 Inktomi acquired Webspective; in August 2000 Inktomi acquired Ultraseek Server from Disney's Go . com; in September, 2000, Inktomi acquired FastForward Networks; in December 2000, Inktomi acquired the Content Bridge Business Unit from Adero, a content delivery network, which had formed the Content Bridge Alliance with Inktomi, AOL and a number of other ISPs, hosting providers and IP transport providers; and in June 2001 Inktomi acquired eScene Networks.


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