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  1. The grounds were designed by a student of Capability Brown and the site itself has strong links with British naval history, including being the home of Admiral Lord Rodney, and later Alexander Hood, second in command of the English Channel fleet during the Napoleonic Wars.
  2. On the second occasion he was invested with the insignia of a K . C . H . Knight Commander of the Hanoverian Order, a curious blunder on the part of King William IV . " He is remembered as one of the most reckless characters in British naval history, partially due to his being court martialled four times.
  3. Historian Robert Gardiner has noted that this " classic fight " was unusual in being fought between two single ships of the line of equal force and size without an external influence, and Edward Pelham Brenton wrote in 1823 that " The meeting of two ships of the line is a circumstance of rare occurrence, and its decision in our favour a brilliant ornament to our naval history " : he could only identify three other such incidents in British naval history.


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