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  1. Operating as Northwest Airlink, Business Express Airlines initiated service to Aspen / Snowmass from Minneapolis / St . Paul International Airport during the 1995-1996 ski season.
  2. In November 1998, Business Express Airlines announced service between Presque Isle, Maine's Northern Maine Regional Airport from Boston Logan commencing with four daily round trip flights.
  3. Business Express Airlines, New England's largest regional air carrier, said Friday it is being bought by American Eagle, the commuter-airline affiliate of American Airlines.
  4. By the mid-1980s the two airlines merged and were purchased by Hartford-based Business Express Airlines, which initially flew only from Brainard Airport to Boston and Philadelphia.
  5. In December 1998, Business Express Airlines announced that AMR Eagle Holding Corp ., a unit of AMR Corporation and parent of American Connection at Boston Logan International Airport for only sixteen months prior to this announcement.


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