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  1. Every effort was taken to add to the measures brought in by the previous government to boost tillage farming and industry and to encourage the population to avoid British imports and " Buy Irish Goods ".
  2. And indeed, it was at Shannon Airport, near Dublin, that the idea of duty-free was born in 1947, to provide America-bound travelers the chance to buy Irish linens, French perfumes and liquor at bargain prices.
  3. *In " Commission v Ireland " ( 1982 ) Case 249 / 81, the Irish government was wrong to fund and manage the " Buy Irish " campaign because it breached ( what is now ) TFEU article 34, by restricting free movement of goods.
  4. On 8 February 2013, when responding to questions on Channel 4 News about the quality of supermarket meat products, and referring to the Irish meat industry, stated Ireland was'an airport for meat .'Furthermore, he said that he would never buy Irish beef, claiming that meat labelled as Irish was probably sourced in Indonesia.
  5. A visitor to the weekend-long festival, which began Friday and has grown from to " the largest gathering of the Irish in the Southwest, " could hear plenty of Irish music, watch Irish step-dancing, eat Irish food, drink Irish beer, buy Irish crafts . . . and never be confronted with political screeds, posters or advertisements.


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