by artificial meansの例文


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  1. Thursday morning about 3 o clock he lost consciousness, and although life was kept up by artificial means for many hours, he slept away and Friday night at midnight the final dissolution came.
  2. Since Tammy Martin did not specify if she should be kept alive by artificial means if she was ruled terminally ill, state law allows a " surrogate decision-maker " to make that determination.
  3. On Tuesday, her husband's lawyers were being given 20 minutes to argue his claim that Bush had no right to invade her privacy by countermanding her wishes that she not be kept alive by artificial means.
  4. You could possibly increase intelligence that quickly by artificial means, such as eugenics or genetic engineering, but obviously that hasn't happened anywhere, yet . talk ) 16 : 16, 31 March 2010 ( UTC)
  5. In 1904 author, Fergusson Irvine described the Pike as " the curious hog-backed mound which crowns the summit of the hill and on which stands the Beacon, shows signs of having been at least shaped by artificial means.


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