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  1. Although " Not by Bread Alone " secured Dudintsev's fame, his more courageous work may have been " Robed in White, " another fictionalized account of how a Soviet scientist popular among Khrushchev's aides all but destroyed Russian work in genetics and aided the persecution of other leading scientists.
  2. During the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, he preached strongly against the strikers whose wages had been cut, stating, " Man cannot live by bread alone but the man who cannot live on bread and water is not fit to live, " and " If you are being reduced, go down boldly into poverty ".
  3. And Recon Don ( for the battle fatigues he used to wear ) was the scowly bearded leader of Woodstock's dozen or so curb warmers, societal dropouts, counterculture burnouts, what have you, who spend their days hanging out, getting high and drinking coffee at By Bread Alone, where one cup buys a seat for hours.
  4. A famous quote from the speech prefaces those values : " As men do not live by bread alone, they do not fight by armaments alone . " In the second half of the speech, he lists the benefits of democracy, which include economic opportunity, employment, social security, and the promise of " adequate health care ".
  5. Today, just about anything that might be served on a plate, from salads _ Caesar, tuna, chicken or chef's _ to guacamole, duck confit or even beef stew with mashed potatoes, can be miniaturized and made into a tartine, proof that although man may not live by bread alone, he might more than make do on tartines . ( MORE ) nn


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