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  1. For instance, he cites the Biblical passage " man shall not live by bread alone ", to rebuke Miss Temple for having fed the girls an extra meal to compensate for their inedible breakfast of burnt porridge.
  2. But, my friends, man does not live by bread alone . . . . We are not, in the end, measured as a nation by our gross national product or by the Dow Jones industrial average,
  3. His next novel, " The Brothers Yershov ", was composed as a sort of counterpoint to Vladimir Dudintsev s " Not by Bread Alone ", but was criticized even in Pravda for exaggerations.
  4. Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, reminding Bob Dole that " man does not live by bread alone, " warned the Republican presidential candidate Friday that the campaign's emphasis on economics threatens support among conservative Christians.
  5. "My dad raised me on the Bible, " said Democratic Sen . Max Cleland, who hails from the peanut-producing Georgia . " He taught me,'Man cannot live by bread alone.


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