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  1. In response to Satan's command, Jesus replies, " It is written :'One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God .'" Only in Matthew is this entire sentence written.
  2. He sometimes quotes Jesus who said, " Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word which comes forth from the mouth of God . " According to the Master this reference has an esoteric meaning, and the Word which Jesus speaks of is the inner Sound Current.
  3. As the Cold War was settling into a hard freeze in 1956, Dudintsev stirred political and literary sensations with the publication of " Not by Bread Alone, " a 500-page novel that took indirect but unmistakable aim at the deadening effects of the Soviet system on the human spirit.
  4. Inspired by Soviet " apparatchiks " refusing to credit a report of a deposit of nickel because Soviet dogma said it was impossible, Dudintsev wrote " Not by Bread Alone ", the tale of an engineer who is frustrated by bureaucrats when he attempts to bring forth his invention.
  5. Note : All above publications are available for free download at Webtheology . com Translations of " Strength For His People " are available in Polish ( ISBN 83-921410-0-8 ) and of " Not By Bread Alone " in Malayalam at villagevoice2010 @ gmail . com.


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