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  1. According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, Americans shell out more than $ 15 billion a year for car accessories and after-market parts _ everything from fuzzy dice to 24-karat-plated license plate frames.
  2. Schippers had never visited Reet, but had seen the name on a company manufacturing car accessories and enjoyed the double entendre of the name ( " Reet " means " crack " or " buttcrack " in Dutch ).
  3. IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, and old-line car accessory makers such as Delphi are pouring millions of dollars into joint ventures to roll out new car-Web services, such as e-mail and Net access.
  4. The first, mechanical trip computers, such as the Halda Speedpilot, produced by a Swedish taximeter manufacturer, were made in the 1950s as car accessories to enable the driver to maintain a given time schedule, particularly useful in rallying.
  5. Among the leading industries that have been seriously affected by counterfeiting are software, music recordings, motion pictures, luxury goods and fashion clothes, sportswear, perfumes, toys, aircraft components, spare parts and car accessories, and pharmaceuticals.


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