carbamide peroxideの例文


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  1. More costly over-the-counter bleaching systems _ mouth-guard strips or trays placed on the teeth overnight _ use such chemicals as carbamide peroxide to remove tougher stains, but they can sometimes cause gum irritation or chemical burns.
  2. The paste, a combination of hydrogen peroxide and urea called carbamide peroxide, is placed in an individually formed mold, or tray, and that fits over the teeth and reduces exposure of the gum tissue to the irritating paste.
  3. An alternative to the walking bleach procedure is the inside-out bleach where the bleaching cavity is left open and the patient issued with a custom-formed tray to place and retain the agent, typically a carbamide peroxide gel inside the cavity.
  4. NOTE : A list of ADA-accepted whitening dentrifices and 10 percent carbamide peroxide, tray-applied tooth-whitening products is available on the ADA Seal of Acceptance database ( www . ada . org / prof / prac / seal / index . html ).
  5. Home kits, which cost $ 20 or so, contain a 10 percent solution of carbamide peroxide gel ( equivalent to a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide . ) The bleaching kits used in dental offices are 30 percent hydrogen peroxide or stronger.


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