carburetor bodyの例文


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  1. The second diaphragm is the fuel metering portion of the regulator, and is located farthest from the carburetor body.
  2. As the air pressure in chamber A is decreased with greater airflow, the diaphragm is pulled toward the carburetor body.
  3. The impact tube pressure is connected to " Chamber B " on the side of the air metering diaphragm farthest from the carburetor body.
  4. :The fuel delivery portion is either remotely mounted at the " eye " of the engine's supercharger or at the base of the carburetor body.
  5. The engine was equally " civilized " as the interior, given that it was provided with just one overhead cam head through the cylinder bank, two chain driven valves per cylinder and three dual Weber carburetors bodies placed on top of the V, against six versions typically on the sports cars.


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