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  1. In 1865, James and Thomas established a small retail grocery business at One-Mile Swamp ( near Clarence Corner, South Brisbane ) and by 1900 had created a chain of " direct importing " stores known as the People's Cash Store.
  2. Rigler was raised in Wishek, N . D ., by a father who owned the Wishek Cash Store and a mother who, he says, " instilled in us that the arts are a form of entertainment that are spiritual and educational ."
  3. Heaslop's People's Cash Store at 14 Logan Road, and a sequence of drapery establishments ( principally John Evans', George Logan, John's & Co . and Ernest Reid ) at 10-12 Logan Road, were amongst Woolloongabba's leading retailers prior to the 1930s depression.
  4. Early Marysville businesses during this period included McClouds Drug Store on the south side of the square, the Cheap Cash Store, the American Hotel, the W . W . Woods store, and Hare and Hughes, a hat business located on the southwest corner of the square.
  5. At the heart of the scandal was an alleged " gas for gold " scheme with Iran involving Aslan, who had US $ 4.5 million in cash stored in shoeboxes in his home, and Zarrab, who was involved in about US $ 9.6 billion of gold trading in 2012.


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