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  1. The site contained the ruin of the Davenport Cash Store, which supplied workers at the nearby cement plant, dating back to 1904, with everything from gingham to gunpowder.
  2. Branches of J & T Heaslop's People's Cash Store were opened in each of these centres, and their building at 10-14 Logan Road, Woolloongabba, dominated the Fiveways commercial district.
  3. Before moving to a larger, more prominent location, the Jones Cash Store operated out of a building at 80 and 82 Front Street in the downtown area of Portland.
  4. Betting that consumers soon will be sold on the idea of electronic cash stored on a plastic card, MasterCard International said Monday it will buy 51 percent of Mondex International.
  5. Davenport has three restaurants, two art galleries, a store, a post office, the Davenport Cash Store, and an elementary school-Pacific School, the only school in the Pacific Elementary School District.


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