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  1. Bull and cow cattalos are reported in " Wonders of Animal Life " edited by J A Hammerton ( 1930 ).
  2. These same corrals were later home to a " cattalo, " a hybrid between one of Jones'buffalos and a domesticated Hereford bull.
  3. Although the cattalo performed well, the mating problems meant the breeder had to maintain a herd of wild and difficult-to-handle bison cows.
  4. After Goodnight stopped driving cattle from Texas to New Mexico and Colorado on the Goodnight-Loving Trail that he blazed with Oliver Loving, he crossbred buffalo with Angus to create the cattalo.
  5. There is a scurrilous rumor going around Buffalo Gap that Bob is really a " cattalo " or a " beefalo, " a cross between a buffalo and a Charlois.


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