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  1. There is a scurrilous rumor going around Buffalo Gap that Bob is really a " cattalo " or a " beefalo, " a cross between a buffalo and a Charolais.
  2. But his elation is tempered when Alice Beck, a childhood friend who can still kick his butt when she needs to, ropes him into taking Roselle the cattalo _ half cow, half buffalo _ along for the ride.
  3. In addition to raising cattle 1876, the Goodnights preserved a herd of native plains Garden City, Kansas, after meeting with Goodnight in Texas, also bred cattalo, or beefalo, on a ranch near Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona.
  4. Other terms in use in colonial era for half-castes included-creole, casco, cafuso, caburet, cattalo, citrange, griffe, half blood, half-bred, half-breed, high yellow, hinny, hybrid, ladino, liger, mamaluco, mixblood, mixed-blood, mongrel, mule, mustee, octoroon, plumcot, quadroon, quintroon, sambo, tangelo, xibaro.


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