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  1. Mrs Kerry Anne Melchior had seen the obstetrician and gynaecologist Stephen Alfred Cattanach, and asked for a tubal ligation procedure to be performed on her, citing financial inability to support a third child.
  2. In Andrew Cattanach's review on " Booktopia ", he said, " If you never thought you d buy a self-help book rest assured this isn t one.
  3. In the Queensland Supreme Court Holmes J held that the failure of Dr Cattanach to warn the Melchiors of their capacity to conceive and his negligent advice caused them to become parents of an unplanned child.
  4. The weir raises the level of the Goulburn River so that water can be diverted, by gravity, along the main irrigation supply channels : Stuart Murray Canal, Cattanach Canal, East Goulburn Main Channel.
  5. In spite of that, the press statement issued shortly after by the breed council was very supportive of Cattanach in his efforts to find a genetic test and encouraged owners to donate blood for the research.


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